Ayeyarwady Basin – Discussion piece

Ayeyarwady Basin – Discussion piece

1.02.2018 - Posted by Simon Tilleard
The Ayeyarwady Basin in Myanmar is vitally important to the country’s stock of natural capital, its economy, and the livelihoods of its people. Recent work by Natural Capital Economics and Alluvium estimated that the aggregate value of six key ecosystem services in the basin (agriculture, transport, fisheries, water supply, biodiversity and ecotourism) is in the range of USD 2.5 to USD 6.9 billion per annum (between 3-9% of total GDP for 2016).
In the attached discussion piece (click on the link below), Alluvium and Natural Capital Economics experts reflect on the potential for environmental flows to be incorporated into basin planning in Myanmar, and key principles that would help to ensure their success.