Alluvium and Equatica have merged

Alluvium and Equatica have merged

14.11.2013 - Posted by Matt Francey
Over the last 6 years at Alluvium we have consciously been building the strongest possible skills and expertise in the management of catchments and waterways. As a part of this we aim to take the latest and best thinking and apply that to the management of waterways.
The field of urban waterway management has perhaps changed more quickly than any other over that period. Waterways in our urban areas are unique in that they contain fragmented areas of high natural values, are highly valued by the community but have been significantly changed from their pre-urbanisation state. It has been a goal of ours for several years to combine the best thinking in river and urban catchment management.

To help achieve this goal Alluvium this week has merged with Equatica, a provider of high end urban water skills in Sydney. Together, the combined company provides a unique ability to integrate the elements of the urban water cycle and its interaction with waterways. We are confident that no other business in Australia offers this fully integrated approach.

The merger extends our physical locations to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Townsville and Sydney enabling us to better service clients at a national level.

Personally I think this is a great outcome and a large step forward for Alluvium. I sincerely welcome Richard, David, Alexa, Andrew and Anna into the Alluvium family.

New Alluvium staff from left to righ David Knights, Alexa McAuley, Richard McManus, Anna Thompson and Andrew McMillan